Optimizing Energy Security for NATO forces with the Hybrid Power Container System from TecLeaf

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Product background

The patented TecLeaf Hybrid Power Container System is developed and in use by NATO forces. The system has been approved to integrate into the Force Provider Expeditionary base.

Today energy security at the worlds’ hot spots is all about Uninterrupted Power Systems (UPS). Power outage in military base camps can be fatal. 

Today at a mission, even a small on, military has over capacity of fuel generators installed. Demanding a lot of staff. The generators in use runs on a constant higher output than necessary. Meaning a lot of fuel is burned off for no reason. 

In the world hot spots transportation of fuel is very dangerous. Today transportation of fuel happens highly protected with convoys of trucks with local drives, military fighter helicopters protecting with various support vehicles and ground soldiers increasing the price of a gallon of fuel tremendously. 

Military would like the extra power that constantly is being produced to be stored somewhere for backup. The Hybrid Power Container System solve a big military challenge within static infrastructure backup power solutions, since the system takes up zero footprint as it can be installed on top of existing military containers as well as the Hybrid Power Container System is easy to handle logistically.

Integrated Hybrid Power Container System systems at base camp allows military to:

  • increase level of energy security
  • zero footprint
  • reduce number of generators and thereby number of staff 
  • reduce costs on fuel
  • get silent power at night (from the batteries), which tactically is an advantage
  • resilience in base camp architecture by spreading battery banks on the many containers